1 Granja Azul

1 Granja Azul

For those seeking the origins of pollo a la brasa, history—and their palates—will point them to Granja Azul. Considered by many to be an edible definition of what it means to be Peruvian, it is here that this dish was created. As if that weren’t enough, Granja Azul has perfected the technique for preparing golden-brown chicken verging on perfection, accompanied by mouthwatering French fries and fresh salad.


A pollo a la brasa spot that has established its own style and attracted a faithful fan base. Its secret recipe? Delicious chicken with its own special seasoning, crinkle-cut fries, and of course, the mandatory sauces and creams. Enough to make any casual lunch or dinner into a celebration.


Pardos seized the banner of pollo a la brasa in Lima and carried it to other cities around the country and abroad. And that’s not all; they were the first to put delicacies such as anticuchos, sweetbread, or crunchy fried yuca sticks on the menu in a family restaurant.